Fern x Flow Donates $100 to National Park Foundation

Thanks to all of our incredible customers, we just made our second donation!

We were, again, able to donate $100 (5% of sales from January - March).

This time around, we wanted to make a donation to an organization with a mission that stretched beyond the borders of our home-state of Massachusetts. With that being said, we chose the National Park Foundation as the recipient for this donation!

Fern x Flow thank you receipt for $100 donation to National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation was started by Congress in 1967 to protect our national parks, and is the only national charitable nonprofit whose mission is to directly support the National Park Service.

As mentioned on the National Park Foundation website,

"The National Park Foundation strives to ensure that all people are welcome and able to discover their own personal connections to parks. National parks tell the story of America, in all its beauty and imperfection, and we are committed to sharing these essential and vital stories. Parks don't just stand for where America has been – they inspire where we go next."

Our donation, made possible by our customers, will help protect the 400 national parks that preserve 85 million acres of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, ecosystems, and historical sites for many generations to come. Thank you all!
National Park Foundation

We encourage each and every one of your to explore our National Parks - there is something for everyo
ne to enjoy whether you enjoy hiking, photography, biking, or just exploring nature. Get outside and explore your national parks!

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