Q4 2022 Donation to Eden Reforestation Projects

For the fourth and final donation of 2022, we’d like to announce our largest ever donation! Five percent of sales between October and December 2022 totaled a whopping $1,395.58, which we were able to donate to Eden Reforestation Projects!

Eden Reforestation Projects logo

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organization that fosters relationships with local leaders and communities to together produce, plant, and protect tens of millions of trees and create jobs to support themselves by restoring local environments and economies long-term.

Fern x Flow Donation to Eden Reforestation Projects

Every day, Eden Projects’ leaders and locals work in some of the most remote and politically-unstable regions to plant nearly a million trees despite civil unrest, extreme weather, wildlife, and other factors. With 150 project sites across 8 countries including, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, and Philippines, Eden Restoration Projects has employed over 6,000 individuals to plant and protect over 241,000 hectacres.

Eden Reforestation Projects Mozambique(Workers in Mozambique. Image courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects)

Eden Reforestation Projects efforts are two-pronged in that their goals are to reforest areas of need while lifting up communities of extreme poverty with new opportunities for work, education, and health. By putting local communities at the center of the work, it creates a sense of pride and ownership for locals to nurture and protect these newly reforested areas.

Eden Reforestation Projects Madagascar(Workers in Madagascar. Image courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects)

Learn more about Eden Reforestation Projects, planting methodologies, site-specific project details, employee stories from the field, and more online at edenprojects.org or by visiting their social media channels.

As always, we appreciate the support from our customers for helping to make this happen. Thank you!

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